Saturday, 10 November 2012

Top 5 Lipsticks ♡

[Sorry for the grubby packaging!] Left - Right: MAC Rebel, Revlon Pink Pout, Barry M 158, Barry M 147, Illamasqua Scandal. 

Left - Right: Illamasqua Scandal, Barry M 147, Barry M 158, Revlon Pink Pout, MAC Rebel. 
I found it particularly easy to pick 5 of my favourite lipsticks because these are the ones that always end up out with me & floating around my bag. I don't tend to use Illamasqua Scandal as much as it's quite expensive and I don't want to waste it all. They're all such wearable colours even though MAC Rebel may look really dark in the tube it turns into such a wearable plum colour & I love wearing it I think It's one of my favourite lipsticks in the world. I think I have a very worrying obsession with lipsticks I don't think there will ever become a point where I think I have enough. Is anyone else like that? 

Short post today, Hope you're all well & enjoying your weekend!

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  1. Lipsticks are my favorite makeup item too! So many shades and finishes!! You could have a 100 and still none of them would be the same. I can't pick a favorite from your favorites! Love them all!