Thursday, 29 November 2012

November Favourites


I haven't had any new favourites this month, mostly staple items that I've used more than usual or old loves I've re kindled. 

- Batiste Dry Shampoo. I love this, I've used it for like almost 5 years and I don't think I'd ever change brands to another dry shampoo. I've only just changed scents. I used to use the tropical one but I'm sure my hair got too used to it and wouldn't work? Or I just had a dud can. I love this Cherry scented one though. This is my second can in the last month. I did in fact buy this in my spending ban but I can't go without this because I only wash my hair once/twice a week so if I didn't have this I'd look like a greasy mess. No thanks!

Real Techniques Expert face brush - I bought this around a month ago and I LOVE IT. It's one of if not the best foundation/base brush I've ever used in my whole life. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. It creates a flawless finish and takes like 10 seconds to work foundation into the face. Love. It was only £9.99 too. This is my second real techniques brush and I love them. Definitely buying more.

Clean & Clear Sensitive Deep Cleansing Lotion - This is another one of my best ever products. I've been using this for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure what I use it for, as weird as that sounds. I don't use it to remove make-up because it's too harsh once I've cleansed, and used facial wash, I dab this on a cotton pad and wipe round my face. I use this more when I have bad skin because it helps to dry out and clear up blemishes. 

Famous by Sue Moxley Bronzer - I've had this since June & I couldn't get it to work with me, then earlier this month I smashed it & for some reason it became 100% more pigmented & now I love it and I can't get enough of it! 

P.S I'm going through a bit of a horrible time at the moment which is why there has been a lack of posts. 


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