Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday Loves ♡

Hello lovelies! Hope you've all had an enjoyable Monday! - Well as enjoyable as a Monday can be! I've developed a cold and had to go to the doctors today for a needle so I'm feeling a bit rubbish really. I thought I'd do a little post on all the little non-beauty things that are making me happy right now! 

Festive spirit // Quotes like this // Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2 - Epic // Abduction starring Taylor Lautner, If you've never watched it, check it out // 1000 Years - Christina Perri. 

Realising that there are millions of little things that can make you happy daily can make horrible doctors and feeling poorly seem so unimportant. Of course my family, friends & boyfriend make me happy every moment of every day!

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