Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Just a quick question..

Happy November beautiful followers! :) 

I hope you all had a nice Halloween! I certainly did, I had college in the day which consisted of a debate about children dressing years above their age & size 0 - it got very heated & our tutor was loving it, we were all getting our opinions out and saying if we thought something was wrong or if we agreed it was a good way to let my stress out I tell you! After college I came home, put on my dead army girl costume, with fake scar and everything & went out in Chester City Centre with all my lovely friends. We went to a terror tour in a club which I really did poop myself at! There were people jumping out in masks and amazing scary costumes. It was all fun, Then we danced, got drunk, danced a bit more then strolled home at 3.am - What did you guys do? 

the makeup I did for my army girl. the red splodge is the fake scar wound. crappy quality because I quickly took it on my laptop. 

Finally - I'm in my last year of College now, and It's time for my Final Major Project. For my research I just wanted to ask all your opinions on what the media portrays as the 'perfect' body image, and what its doing to teens in ways of eating disorders and aiming to get a boob/nose/ job. Also your opinions on Size 0 - If any of my beautiful followers would give me their opinions to help me out I'd really appreciate it!

Much love, Luce xoxox


  1. I think the media puts WAAAAAY to much pressure on girls to look perfect. I mean it's either your too fat, your too thin, you don't have the right size boobs, or your nose is to big and all this shit. I mean my boobs are tiny, and all these models with the perfect figure and all make me feel pretty crap sometimes! But I say people should just be proud of who they are, and embrace what they have:) Plus i think that some people are naturaly very thing, and may be a size 0 naturaly, but i personally it's abit to thin...just makes someone look slightly skelotal like! Sorry this is abit late haha, i've only just read this post! Hope this helps slightly xoxox

  2. Ohhhh thank you so much! I'm trying to get as many opinions as I can for research so thank you so much :) xxxx