Saturday, 26 November 2011

Review: Xen-Tan

This is the first ever fake tan I ever used, in my whole life. Okay; so I'm really pale I have the natural skin colour of a typical British, Blonde haired blue eyed girl, accept I dye my hair dark now so I just look yucky pale. The first time I'd heard of this fake tan is in 2009, at The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. Xen-Tan had a stall there & they were trying it out on people & my friend bought some and the lady asked me if I wanted to try it & I was like 'Erm, No sorry I don't really wear fake tan" (wierd how well I remember this) but she was like oh but it was made for people with your complextion it was made by a woman with your complextion (I don't know how true that is, or if she was just sweet talking me) but I was like Okay.. 


First off, the colour:  it's like a dark brown/light brown depending on if you have the weekly or daily one so you can see clearly where you're rubbing it in. Which in case of a bad experience is such a good thing because the last thing you wanna do is let it develop & you turn out like a patchwork quilt :( NOT a sexy look ladies. The texture of this product is so creamy, it's really lovely. It kinda looks like melted chocolate - I know, heaven right?! It's so gorgeous & velvety? If you even understand how I mean that. Also it's made with all olive tones, so you won't come off like you've rolled round in dorito's.

The smell of this product is to die for. It's so nice. On the picture above it has that it has a vanilla sent, but I think you know when you buy a hot chocolate & it has that vanilla/chocolate cream smell? That's what Xen-Tan smells like. Not biscuit-y like other fake tans, nor does it leave a nasty residue on your skin afterwards, it's just a gorgeous clean tan.

You can get this products online at also: Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, House Of Fraser, Fenwick, Debenhams, John Lewis & Saks. I know they ship to the UK but I have no idea about international shipping, I've scanned over the website and I can't seem to find anything.

ALSO: at the moment they have a offer on if you can get a tube/bottle of tan, a body scrub & a tanning mitt for like £29.99
GRADUAL/LIGHT:  WAS: £34.97 NOW:£29.99
LIGHT/MEDIUM: WAS: 34.97 NOW: £29.99
DARK: WAS: £47.97 NOW: £39.99

ALSO: If you buy now you'll get free UK delivery & 10% off your next order?
YOU'RE STILL READING?! WHY haven't you already gone over to!
that's such a good deal!

Overall: This is my all time favourite tan ever. I've tried many since then & none of them have compared.
You should all try it. Even if you're a fake tan virgin like I was, Xen-tan transformed me!

DISCLAIMER: I have been in NO way prompted to write this review, I bought xen-tan with my own money. They have not contacted me to send products for me to write, and everything I've written has been my honest opinion. 

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