Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Summary: 003

001: I'm ill :( well, partly because I'm hungover, but I have aches all over my body, my feet hurt from working and I feel sick and have a permanent headache. I hate being ill, it makes me so moody. Really hope it's just the hangover and I'm not coming down with something.

002: I'm thinking of getting weave. I have short-ish hair and I really like the idea of weave. I know a mobile hairdresser that would do it for me at a discount price too so I think I'll have lovely long locks in the near future, so I can do so much more with my hair! I think short hair makes my face look fatter also.

003: I've also decided to have a few new tattoo's and piercings I've wanted for a while soon, either this month  if not definitely in Feb. Which I'm excited for! I have 5 tattoo's by the way if anyone wanted to know! :-)


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