Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day to day behaviour: Mini Haul.

Me & my boyfriend being as cute as can be went for a meal and a bit of shopping today, we were going to go to our local Weatherspoons but as we were walking there this man stopped us and asked if we'd buy a discount card for a Liverpool charity and the discount card could be used at many bars, restaurants & shops it was £3 for 3 months or £5 for a year & because we were like 'errm' he said we could have the yearly one for £3 so we bought it, and it had a 25% off your bill at pizza hut so we went there and my my did we have a feast! We had a started platter, a 14" stuffed crust pizza & a desert each for £27.70, BARGAIN.

My cookie dough desert, how beautiful?! 
I went to Lush, I sadly didn't get to go to Lush whilst the sale was on and now it's all back to normal but I needed to restock on some favourites.

Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic.
Comforter Bubble Bar.
Honey I washed The Kids Soap.
These are three Lush products are ones I'd buy again and again as long as Lush keep making them! I need them to survive. 

I also had a Boots £5 off No.7 voucher that I needed to spend & I'd heard a lot about these so I thought I'd pick them up & I only ended up paying £2 for them, I used them to take my make-up off earlier and they're lovely to use, and I love the packaging. 

- I got a package through the door this morning which I'll be reviewing soon, keep your eyes pealed!


  1. Thank you for the follow! And with the Lush stuff you bought, I've wanted to try the comforter for a while but haven't brought myself to buy it yet; is it worth the price? Oh and I love the honey I washed the kids soap too!


  2. Hello Emma, thanks for the comment! :) Yes its totally worth it! it's £4.15 for a huge bar and you can break it/cut it up into smaller pieces, I've gotten around 5 baths out of just one bar; you should definitely go for it! xxx