Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mini Boots Haul.

♥ - 17 Sheer Moisture Lipstick in the shade Cashmere blush. I love 17 lipsticks, they're so nice and they last ages on your lips and this is no acception, they're so affordable this one was £4.29 which is so reasonable for a lipstick. The colour is gorgeous & I love it, I've had my eye on this for a while but some reason never picked it up but now I'm glad I did.

♥ - Soap & Glory Smoulder Khol pencil eyeliner in Black. I hate to admit it, but I'm a S&G virgin, yes that's correct, I've never tried any of the skincare line or the make-up range, I'm affraid the body stuff will irritate my skin as it's SO sensitive so I didn't want to risk it & I'd just not gotten round to buying any of their make-up yet, but I watched Steph's Pixie Lott make-up tutorial and she used this eyeliner and I fell in love with it, the way it just glided onto Steph's waterline was so amazing & This liner is waterproof aswell. It was a reasonable price of £5.00 and  I cannot wait to use it properly! (Second line on the swatches hand.) 

♥ - Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in black. I've heard every blogger & every youtuber rave about this eyeliner for ages! I had a felt tip liner from e.l.f not so long ago and I loved it but I lost it on a night out & never replaced it so I'm hoping to like this one just as much as I liked e.l.f's one & This one is cheaper than the e.l.f one as it's only £2.99 when the other is £3.50, such a good price! (First line on the swatches hand.) 

♥ - Natural Collection pressed powder in Cool. I love this! I bought one a week ago to back up my Careblend pressed powder by MAC as I can't get to MAC for another week and it's running out & it was only £1.99 but horribly, I went out last night & mine fell out of my bag and smashed and its not even useable now so I bought a new one. This powder is so good for the price, it makes my face look flawless whichever foundation I use, LOVE it. 

♥  - 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Knockout Red. I love this, as I say with every product but I do! I put it on my nails as soon as I got home & It's gorgeous & only £2.99?! It's such good quality and my other red nail polish had dried up a while ago and I never repurchased another one but I love this & I'll get loads of use out of it! 

P.S finally getting a good shopping spree in Liverpool on friday(20th Jan) so expect to see some Hauls after then! 


  1. you got some lovely things, especially the lipstick! can't wait to see the hauls coming soon,xx

    1. Thank you for the comment lovely! it's gorgeous isn't it, really girly :D xx

  2. Great blog I'm following :) I hope you will follow back


    1. thankyou honey! i'll check yours out :) x