Sunday, 18 December 2011

Summary Sunday:


001: I've realised that winter is my favourite time of year. It's beautiful, and has Christmas involved in it. It ends one year and begins another. I don't understand how people can dislike this season. 

002: I'm excited to see my boyfriend tomorrow as he lives like 30 miles away boo :( that's probably the last time I'll see him until after Christmas! We're also not doing Christmas presents this year, we're going to have our own little Christmas in January we've both booked the weekend off work to have our own Christmas and go shopping to spend money on each other as we're both poor at picking presents so that's something to look forward to & definitely won't be having January blues with that coming.

003: My puppy, Smudge is getting far too strong for my liking, today he moved all the chairs in the dining room to make himself a little den then he sat behind them all waiting for someone to come downstairs to see it. Adorable huh? 

004: The new year is approaching which means new years resolutions, I've already got mine.. To sort out my bedroom once and for all as their's piles of junk everywhere, Also to open a savings account for half of my wages to go into it every pay day as I need to save the tuition fees for the media hair & make-up course I want to do in September & as I'll be 19 when the course starts I have to pay for everything which will be highly expensive. 

005: I'm quite turned off by the fact I stupidly agreed to work all over Christmas to stop the temptations of going out and spending a fortune, which I now regret since seeing the rota, but it's double pay so I can't complain really. I like doing these Sunday Summary posts & next week's one will be a Christmas day special, aww! 

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