Sunday, 18 December 2011

Seasons Greetings.

Hello everyone! It's officially Christmas guys! I'm super excited. Since my Christmas Wish-list post I've handed in my actual Christmas list and my lovely Mother kindly informed me she only needs to buy one more item and then it's all done, so yay! but right now, to get myself a bit more Christmassy I'm going to do the Christmas tag that Zoella and her Brother created on her youtube channel, check that out here.

1. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
- well, the start of December really, but it's usually when all the Christmas films come on T.V and everyone starts their Christmas shopping 

2. Do you still have advent calendars?
-yes of course! mine's a cadburys one this year! 

3. What are your favourite Christmas Films?
- ELF is my all time favourite Christmas movie. Along with The Grinch, they make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

4. Do you have any funny Christmas memories?
- Erm, not really. There was one time when I was younger me and my cousin were chasing eachother round the table after our Christmas dinner and my Dad wouldn't let us past him until we'd each ate a tablespoon of  mustard, and it was disgusting, sounds mean but it was hilarious!

5. Talk us through your typical Christmas Day?
- I wake up & Go and wake the parents up and we go downstairs and see what Father Christmas has left for us and then we open the lovely presents, then we bring Smudge in to rip open his present and then Mum makes us bacon sandwiches and hot chocolate whilst we watch a Christmas cartoon. We all get ready in our sparkly Christmas best & Trot off to my Nanna's house for the rest of the festivities with all the rest of our clan, we eat, watch t.v - Eastenders Christmas special! haha. & Then we all get  a bit drunk! 

6. What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?
- We eat a traditional turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings, with lovely puddings for afterwards. Everyone eats loads then we all sit in food comas for the next hour or so! 

7. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
- Basically we all just go to my Nanna's house, we have done since I can remember and it's lovely, also opening one present on Christmas Eve is a tradition me and my parents have had for as long as I can remember too.

8. Which are your favourite Christmas songs?
- ALL OF THEM. Especially the classics. 

9. What is the best Christmas present you ever received?
- I have no idea, I don't remember! Oh that makes me sound awful, I can only remember from the past few years so it'll have to be my Justin Bieber tour tickets! I was so happy. 

10. Real or Fake Christmas tree? 
- Fake! I dislike real ones, they smell and they molt and I don't think there's anywhere we could even buy one from in the City. I prefer fake ones anyway, Green ones though, I can't stand coloured Christmas tree's SO tacky. 

I tag everyone! 
Merry Christmas. xoxox

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  1. 'food comas' I love that term! never heard it before! hahah!