Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sensitive Skin care: Beauty on a budget.

Hello beauties, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned (sarcasm..) but I have really sensitive skin, so sensitive to the point I can't even indulge on luxury lotions and potions because I'd just go all red and blotchy, which being so in love with all things beauty is so depressing. I've had to find alternatives in most areas of skin care.

The new Johnson's range is right up my street. I was actually scared trying this because as you can see, the cleanser says 'for normal skin' so I was thinking it'd break me our severely but as it happens it's done the opposite! It's cleared the little break out I had right up! Which makes me a very happy girl. I bought these on a whim to be honest. I'd just had a severe allergic reaction to Eyelash tint in college and needed a really gentle eye make-up remover so I picked this one up. Then noticed they were on offer '2 for £3.99' in Superdrug, so I picked up the cleanser too. 

They're both really lovely products and being so cheap is a bonus. It's  real shame for me that I can't splurge on expensive skin care but at least this keeps my bank balance happy! So if you suffer from sensitive skin like me, give these a try! I noticed in Superdrug they also do a Nourishing cleansing lotion for Dry skin which would obviously be lovely for ladies with dry & sensitive skin. Even if you don't suffer from a specific skin type which restricts you from a whole world of skin care but you're just a beauty lover on a budget, check these out! 



  1. I have sensitive skin as well, never knew about these products but I have just started using products by Forever Living and although they can be expensive, (depending on how you look at it) they work and last for months! Lovely blog post :) x

    1. I'v never heard of that brand before I'll have to check it out! :) xx

    2. They are great! Made from the plant Aloe Vera, it's all very natural and contains only the Aloe Vera Gel from the plant, very worth looking at! I have a few products which I'll be doing reviews on, keep an eye out on my blog for them :) xx