Monday, 22 October 2012

17 Blemish Balm.

My initial thoughts: The packaging is really sleek and the tube means you can get more product out of it rather than a bottle which is appreciated in this day and age, I hate having to throw away a product when I know there is still enough product for a few more uses but you can't get to it because you'd need to smash the bottle! In this tube you get 30ml which is the same amount you get in most foundations which usually last me around 3 months.

The formula of this BB cream is really thick, but light weight to the skin. However the colour range is very poor. I'm extremely light skinned a NC15 in MAC foundations and although I bought this in the shade 'light' it definitely wasn't light. This can be easily fixed with a setting powder in my normal lighter shade.

 The application of the BB cream was really nice, it blended into my skin really well although this product didn't have the nicest smell, it wasn't too strong and didn't last once blended. The coverage was pretty decent, I'm usually a full coverage kind of girl and although this isn't full, full coverage it's medium/buildable and it does build really well. On the tube it says that it helps improve skin condition and although I didn't notice that on my skin it's still a really nice product.

I gave this BB cream the ultimate test, I wore it to work; I work in a Bakery which gets so so hot that sometimes my make up doesn't last more than two hours. I applied the BB cream, set it with a face powder and went to work and I was really impressed with the staying power of it. It lasted through an 8 hour shift! I only paid £4.99 for this so I wasn't expecting miracles and it was really nice to wear in such a humid and stuffy atmosphere it kept my skin feeling really fresh and lightweight, very impressive for a £4.99 BB cream.

Overall this is a really nice affordable BB cream, it didn't make me break out which 'drug store' foundations usually do and it provides brilliant staying power. This is the first BB cream I've tried and I can't wait to try more!

Hope you've all had a lovely day!
Lucie xox


  1. I have been looking at this every time i step into boots and just not quite deciding to buy it but i think it will now :) The staying power sounds great:)

    Lorna xxx

  2. Aww, I'm glad you've decided to buy it, it's a lovely product :) xxx