Friday, 17 August 2012

Small Collective Haul;

Just a small haul of some beauty, fragrance & one piece of clothing I've picked up recently.

Firstly, I picked up a few bits in Boots. I've heard a lot about BB creams recently and I really wanted to try one, I'm thinking of ordering the Lioele Triple The Solution BB cream which you can find hereShaaanxo uses it all the time and it looks fabulous on her so I wanted to try it, but until then I just bought the 17 BB cream in Light, £5.99 at the moment in Boots. I'll also review it when I've used it a few times. 

Then I just picked up the foundation I've been using recently which is the Revlon colour stay in Ivory which is £12.49 and powder Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in transparent, £3.99. 

I also picked up the new 17 miricle matte primer to try, It sounds really nice so I'll review it for you guys too. I've wanted to try a primer for along time but because I have super sensitive skin, I didn't want to buy a high end one and spend £20+ for me not to like it so I thought this one would be nice to try because it's only £4.99 and 7 products have always been okay on my skin before.

And lastly from boots, I couldn't come out without buying a bit of colour, so I got a new lipstick; Coral Queen from the Moisture Renew collection of rimmel lipsticks for £6.29. I love these lipsticks! They're really moisturising, opaque & long lasting on the lips. 

The two perfumes I got for my birthday which was 2nd August (turned 19) The smaller one is Vera Wang Princess Night, which I featured in a previous wish-list, so yay finally got it! It's from Boots, £34.50 for 30ml, I adore this, it smells gorgeous. always wanted it, love it. The second one was bought with a voucher I got for my birthday for 'The Perfume Shop' It's Justin Bieber's Girlfriend, £38.50 for 100ml. This smells gorgeous too, like skittles! (yeah, nice discription huh?)  & The hoodie, I got from Republic in the mens section it was £15! Love it, so comfy. 

That's it, not much but enough for a haul. Can't wait to try the new products! 


*Disclaimer: Everything in this haul was bought with my own money unless stated otherwise e.g gifted, sent, voucher/stor card. 

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