Tuesday, 11 October 2011

There is no business like 'showbiz' ..


I was mooching round Boots on Monday,  looking for a Red lipstick that wouldn't look too orangey, not too much to ask for surely! How wrong was I.. Every single shade I looked at looked horrible when I swatched it, NOTHING could please me. I never usually look at the '17' stand, but I was desperate, so I did.. and WOW. There it was, the shade I'd been lusting after. It's called 'Showbiz' & it's in the lasting fix range. I adore it. It's more of a dark pinky red, it reminds me alot of Mac's Russian Red but abit more pinky. I love it so much & it was only £4.29! BARGAIN, well comparing to Mac's £13.50 it's a pretty good difference in price if you ask me.

The lipstick itself.
REALLY bad picture of me wearing the lipstick. Taken on webcam, so crappy lighting and my nose looks huge.

That's all really, I just wanted to show how much I love this lipstick, deffo a new fave!

Love luce, xoxox

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