Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Wishes ♡

Muji Storage, £10.95 for two drawers - I love muji Storage, It's gorgeous and so affordable!  I've been wanting some of these drawers for a while, but as I thought I was going to be moving soon I was going to wait until I had my new dressing table, but as I'm not moving now I want to make my dressing table at home organised & pretty! 

No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Experience £35.00 - I want this so badly, you get so much in this set, and so worth £35.00 infact I plan on buying this in the boots half price sale after Christmas too, hoping they still have them left! In this you get: Soft and Soothed Toner, Soft and Soothed Cleanser, Protect and Perfect Intense beauty serum, Protect and Perfect Intense day cream, Protect and Perfect Intense eye cream, Protect and Perfect Intense night cream & Beautiful skin radiance exfoliator. 

MAC Cream Colour Base Pearl £14.50 - I've wanted this for AGES. But I've just never picked it up, I think it's gorgeous and I've never tried a cream highlighter before and I love highlighting my skin, especially my cheeks, It looks really nice on me (if I do say so myself hehe.) 

Crown Brush Italian Badger Brush set £54.99 - I know these say Badger, but they're made of a mix between badger and synthetic hair, depending on the brush - that's what it says on the website. Before anyone comments, I don't agree with animal cruelty or testing on animals but these brushes are amazing quality and they're personally for me to use they're not for my kit, I only use synthetic brushes on clients whether they're against real hair brushes or not. Anyway these are gorgeous and I love love love them. 

Warrior on DVD £3.75 ( - This film, is seriously amazing. 1. It has Tom Hardy in it, WIN & 2. Although it's about UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship.) It's a really emotional story line. I cried all the way through. Everyone needs to see this. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift set £45.00 - I absoultey adore this purfume, I was given a sample a while ago and I only got a few squirts out of it then lost it on a night out! So i'd love to recieve this. It's a gorgeous scent. 

Redken Colour Extend Hair care gift set £17.00 (Feel unique) - I always put a hair gift set on my Christmas list and now it's this one. I did originally want the tigi dumb blonde one but obviously I have really bright vibrant pinkypurple hair now so I want one which will protect & I trust redken! You get a Redken Colour Extend with cranberry oil shampoo & Conditioner .. I really wish it also had a treatment with it too but hey ho! 

Xen-tan Head to toe Medium Gift set £39.99 - I love xen-tan and Recently I've started tanning again. I used to use the dark lotion but since I have my new hair colour it would look better with a medium/light tan! 

I'd love to receive any of these gifts! I'm getting into the Christmas spirit a little now but not as much as other years, Christmas isn't the same to me this year & I feel a little like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch who lost her Christmas spirit. Hopefully it'll come back once I start my shopping and start wrapping and this year I'm going to bake a dessert to take to my Nana's for Christmas dinner! 

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