Sunday, 5 February 2012

January Favourites 2012.

First Favourites of 2012 guys! Also I've been so busy this month especially the past few weeks so I apologise for the lack of posts I have loads of hauls planned, just finding the time to sit and write.

 Johnson's Baby Moisturiser - I'm sure I've mentioned this before.. but I love it a lot. I got it at the end of December at new year because my skin was so dry and all other brands of moisturiser break me out, including Simple so I was stuck. It was my sister who picked this out for me and it works so well, it doesn't break me out and it's only £1.99 for 100ml from boots, so winning all round! 

♥ MAC Trace Gold Blush - I got this mid way through January and I've used it every single day since I bought it. I love it so much, it's a gorgeous bronzed blush with shimmer in it. I've never bought a blush from MAC before because none of them had ever made me go 'oh my, I need this in my life' but this one did. it was £17.50 which is so expensive for a blush in my opinion but it's gorgeous and I know i'll use and repurchase this unless a perfect cheaper dupe can be found, so if anyone knows of any good dupes of this it'd be much appreciated! 

♥ MAC Studio Fix Powder - This has saved my life this month, it's been with me everywhere I went for touchups, especially in work because I work in a hot bakery and my make-up hardly stays in place and like I said i've been really busy so I've been dashing from work to different events so I've not had time to re-do my whole face but this powder is so thick it looks as if i've but a fresh face of make-up on and all ive done is wash this over my face with an e.l.f powder brush, so I love this: perfect for those like me who adore full coverage. 

 Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone - My boyfriend is the biggest Harry Potter geek going & he borrowed me the book to read and I loved it. It's so much better than the film and I love the first film. I want to read more of the series and I've been really getting into reading at the moment. 

♥ No. 7 4 in 1 wipes -  I love these, I've blogged about them in a haul and I love them, im trying not to use them alot because they're like £7 and thats alot for some wipes so I use them sparingly. 

♥ Models Own 'Turkish Delight' - I got this polish at the clothes show in December and I love it. It's a gorgeous colour and I've wore it loads this month and I probably will next month too. 

♥ Cher Lloyd's new single 'Want U Back' has been playing a lot on my itunes. I love Cher, she's  gorgeous and I adore her style, I'll support her all the way & this song like her others is so catchy! 

♥  My new favourite hair colour! - XXLive Red Berry Passion is one of the new foam colours and it's sooo easy to use and it's got a gorgeous scent to it, theres nothing worse than hair dye that smells like paint stripper, and I've had loads of compliments about this colour since I've dyed it. 

♥ Revlon Pink Pout lipstick - Finally, this lipstick is in my posession. I've wanted it since seeing Sammi wear it and talk about it in her video's and its gorgeous but I didnt think it'd suit my pale skin tone so I put it off for a while but I took the plunge this month and bought it and I love it. Loads of compliments about this too! 

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